Kuwait Finance House HQ

Some images I found while cleaning up my desktop. Lots of things still there I realise that’s not up. One day… Meanwhile, back to this job – this was a pitch, we got… Continue reading

Mach by HLB @ Mid Valley

We completed the second HLB Mach outlets at Mid Valley. This time around the lot size was only 650 sq ft. The big launch of the brand name Mach was done here, at… Continue reading


Some renders of something that we are working on at the moment. The big thing here is in the facade of the towers, we are trying to modulate it in such a way… Continue reading

Venice Biennale 2012

S&TA would be participating in the upcoming Venice Biennale. We have created a micro-blog for updates, please click here


It’s been a long time since the last post! The office has been busy, working on work that is currently in various stages, particularly in the Planning stages.  Below is an in-house render… Continue reading

SP House

While running through my data storage, in trying to migrate to a new laptop after my old one died unceremoniously, I came across this project from our past. I think it was 2002,… Continue reading

Wallpaper Facade

I’ve always liked this image. Looks like a wallpaper but it is in fact a facade study for our high-rise Residential development.

Royal Villa Residences and One Harbour Mall, Nanning, China

The last post on this project was sometime in March, and things have moved on considerably from then. The superstructure for all the towers are completed, including the external finishes so now all… Continue reading

AME Office

Just a small office that we did where we wanted to try and do something with a controlled palette of colours and finishes. It was more an exercise of restrain, but in the… Continue reading