Lenggong Valley Visitor Centre: Architectural Competition

In the middle part of the year, in 2014, we entered a competition. It was the Architectural Ideas Competition For Lenggong Valley Visitor Centre, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Perak. Lenggong Valley is a UNESCO… Continue reading

Autodesk Revit

2014 was also the year that we started to use Autodesk Revit as our preferred CAD system. It was, how should I put this, not the easiest of transitions. It was a fundamentally different… Continue reading

2014 Office Team Building at Tanah Aina, Pahang

In 2014, we decided to give it a change. It was time for a nearby team building experience, instead of the usual Architectural field trip in a far-away land. The venue was a place… Continue reading

2013 Office Trip to Osaka & Kyoto

Just to show the world that, even if this blog were not very active, at least the office was. We all packed our bags for a trip to Osaka and Kyoto at the end… Continue reading

Interview On Astro Awani TV

VNC Siam Centre – Completed

Some pictures of the VNC Store (Vincci, for the uninitiated) in Siam Centre, Bangkok. Coincidentally, there was an article in Monocle, April 2013, on Siam Centre. It goes on to explain how the… Continue reading

East Ledang Phase 4B

The client finally launched our Bungalow units in East Ledang last Sunday, the 12th of May. Attached are some pictures taken from the event, including the scale models that were made just in… Continue reading

IEDC, SS Two Mall, Petaling Jaya

IEDC or Innovative Engineering Design College is a teaching institution that specialises in technical training in the field of Aviation Engineering. We had to design their new extension wing, and, as part of… Continue reading

VNC Kelapa Gading Mall, Jakarta

This is the first VNC in Jakarta. Slated to open on the 5th Of December 2012, it marks the beginning of 25 new stores all over Indonesia. Exciting times indeed for the Clients.

VNC Siam Centre, Bangkok

I would imagine anyone who has gone to Bangkok would have visited Siam Centre. It’s the venerated Grand Damme of Bangkok Malls, and is going through a total overhaul at the moment. To… Continue reading