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Langgak Golf Duplo Villas

Sometimes Very often, we get asked to do quick proposals by our Clients for sites that they are interested to purchase. They would come to us and ask us to do massing proposals so… Continue reading

A Malay Cultural Village

As the guys were working the 3D models for a project that we are currently developing, I happened to pass by their screens when something attracted me. I think they were about to… Continue reading

Korean Institute Of Architects – 100 Architects Of The Year 2013

SouthKey Lakefront

Precinct 2A1 and 2A2, Southkey, Johor Bahru Late last year, we completed the Southkey Development in Johor Bahru. We started the project back in 2012 and, as usual in architecture, it’s been a… Continue reading

East Ledang Bungalows: Phase 4B2 Interior Shots

Here are some shot of the (nearly) completed Type D interiors showing the skylights at the entrance and above the stars. Kinda sexy for a mass housing product. Well, expensive, mass housing. Make… Continue reading

Ipoh SOHO2 Garden Hotel

Up north, in Ipoh, there has been an unprecedented building boom. The Mayor’s office has stated, that as of the end of 2014, they were the third busiest Local Council, with only the councils… Continue reading

EPIC Homes Architectural Competition: Homes For The Orang Asli

EPIC Homes collaborated with University Malaya to run a competition of ideas, open to students and Architects in practice. They are a fantastic NGO, and further study of their website would make anyone… Continue reading

Lenggong Valley Visitor Centre: Architectural Competition

In the middle part of the year, in 2014, we entered a competition. It was the Architectural Ideas Competition For Lenggong Valley Visitor Centre, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Perak. Lenggong Valley is a UNESCO… Continue reading

Autodesk Revit

2014 was also the year that we started to use Autodesk Revit as our preferred CAD system. It was, how should I put this, not the easiest of transitions. It was a fundamentally different… Continue reading

East Ledang Phase 4B

The client finally launched our Bungalow units in East Ledang last Sunday, the 12th of May. Attached are some pictures taken from the event, including the scale models that were made just in… Continue reading