A Malay Cultural Village

As the guys were working the 3D models for a project that we are currently developing, I happened to pass by their screens when something attracted me. I think they were about to move from the 2D elevation back to 3D when I walked by. Their screens were showing such delightful images that I just felt that I had to share them.

The journey that we take along the road of design is often pooh-poohed. It’s always the end product, people say. How mistaken this notion is. The journey itself cannot be dismissed. The happy accidents that sometimes occur must be looked upon not as mistakes but more like options. More like a fork in the road, instead of a dead end. Knowing which way to take, well, that’s where innate talent and instinct takes over. The good designers just have it, they just know what and which way to chose to improve the journey. They just know how to harness delightful accidents into something much more. I think this ability to choose wisely cannot be taught. You either have it, or you don’t.

Remember these images shown here were never intended. They just “happened”.