Show Gallery Proposal for Tropicana Gardens

This post shows you that we have to think on our feet. We have got to use that old cliche of “Thinking Out Of The Box” because, well, we really did have to think a little bit unconventionally. The intention is not so much to show the design, but the journey to get there. In this case, the clients gave us 24 hours (yes, again). There was some deadline that was closing, and since it was a pitch, we had to meet that deadline. And we had other things to do in that time period. What do we do!?! Rendering with a simple V-Ray would be fast, but ultimately dull looking. A full blown render was out of the question. So we decided to combine the wireframe model generated from Sketch Up with Diego’s watercolour skills. Yeah, yeah, if we had a really good sketcher in the office, they could have done it easily. Well we didn’t so we had to make do. I liked the results a lot. It has so much more depth and soul to it. All these snazzy renders are done to death nowadays, very few have any emotions in them. Suffice to say we didn’t get the job. But we got these sexy images after just a day. It unlocked a work process that we were not aware of before this challenge came our way. So guys – what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.Ā TG 01 TG 02 TG 03 TG 04